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You Are Coming From Behind!

She said within herself: “If only I may touch the hem of His garment…” Not His whole garment but just the hem! What we require most of the time to move is faith. We don’t need to see the whole picture if only we will believe and initiate that step, if only we will push a little further; It doesn’t matter how long that issue has persisted, don’t be deterred by the crowd (impediments), get up and out from the flow, push your way through.

The crowd was all over our LORD, some ahead of Him, some by Him, some holding unto Him on every level…it was even more difficult for her to execute her mission with the disciples trying their best to ward off the crowd. Yet, she persisted! She came from behind and in faith went ahead of the crowd (through her action and the healing she received)! Power has been made available to us for healing, to succeed, to witness, to make wealth etc.

#Connect to it and #Stir it up by the word and by prayer. #FAITH “And behold a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years, CAME FROM BEHIND Him and touched the hem of his garment…” Matthew 9:20